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Harmeet Ent , Speech & Hearing Clinic / ENT & Head Neck Surgery Centre

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Facilities Specialised Services [Therapeutic and Diagnostic] Newborn hearing detection [OAE]. Early intervention program / BERA test Micro Ear and Laryngeal Surgeries, Cosmetic surgery of Nose etc. Endoscopic surgery for the sinuses [FESS], Fiber - optic Endoscopy for nose, throat and larynx. Child hearing Evaluation and Management. Routine Services [Therapeutic and Diagnostic] All Routine ENT services like Adenotonsillectomy, Septoplasty etc. Impedance Audiometry / Tympanogram / Stapedial reflex. Pure tone Audiometry [Including special tests]. Rehabilitative services Hearing aid prescription and fitting in Children and Adults. Preventive ENT Services H.H.H. [HARMEET HEARING HEALTH] Early detection program: - for hearing in Newborn. Hearing conservation program: -for Pre School and Primary School children.


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Hearing Aids
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